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Creativity is a key to transform culture and change the world. 

The way they design, arrange, and structure the city tells you 

about their culture, what they value, how they think.

When we know our identity and create from its place, the world

will be sharpen into the likeness of heaven through your creativity.


Now is the time to awake the creativity inside of you,

no matter where you are at, God is raising His artists up to partner

with Him and bring the new Kingdom Renaissance to direct nations

back to the beauty of Jesus. We believe God is bringing revival

in Japan through Supernatural Creativity.


   We all have a story to tell the world. We are born for greatness because God has a great plan in our lives. Have you ever thought of that your life looks like a show, everyone has their special role to play ?

God is the one who initiate our stories. (Heb 12:2)

He is the author and finisher of our faith. 

   How to express and present who we are through our creativity? How to move with our bodies to tell what is in our hearts? How to show our emotions through acting? How to live by faith and back to divine peace? How to allow ourselves be seen and known through acting and dance? etc. God does not scare of who we are and He loves our authenticity like how King David wrote in book of Psalms.       This lesson will give you a chance to experience the heart of God in a deeper and vulnerable way. We will teach you some basic skills of acting with dance and we will play a show together. You will taste and see that the Lord is good through this class.



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