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Prophetic Conference

4/29 - 5/1

We are all created to have a relationship with God

Join us this up coming Golden Week (April 29th to May 1st) for a 3 day conference focusing on "Personally hearing Gods voice". The conference is going to include practical applications/training as well. There might be some of you who may not be used to even the concept of "hearing Gods voice", some of you may be doubtful that a person can even hear Gods voice, or some may even be afraid at the thought of hearing Gods voice! We will be tackling common questions such as

  • "Can anyone hear Gods voice?"

  • Why is the prophetic important?

  • Does the gift of the prophetic still exist in this modern day?

  • How can you tell the difference between the voice of God and the voice of the enemy?

  • How can we identify a false prophet?

There might be someone reading this that has had a negative experience with the prophetic resulting in a negative perspective on the prophetic as a whole. We aim to host a conference that has deeply rooted Biblical foundation alongside speakers who are gifted in the prophetic. Our guest speakers come from a wide array of backgrounds and have many practical trainings planned for the whole 3 day period. We truly believe that a lot of people, not just people who are new to the prophetic but those who have been active in the prophetic, will be encouraged and built up even more so through the conference.




4/29 (Sat) - 5/1(Sun)

¥5000 for 3 day pass

¥2500 for 3 day pass (online participation only)

¥2500 for people under the age of 25



Dr. Cornelius Quek

Assistant Professor of Ministry / A.W. Tozer Seminary

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Peter Huang

Ordained Prophet / Round Table Church


Daniel Black

Founding Director / Love Fest Global


Jeff Yuen

Founder & Senior Pastor / Soakability Church


Dr. Michael Brodeur

Director / Leaders Alliance, Catch the Fire


Francesco Sideli

Director, Creative Arts / BSSM


Masamitsu Morishita

Founder, Pastor / Awakening Tokyo


Esther Morishita

Founder, Pastor / Awakening Tokyo

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