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In the last 3½ years of our church planting, even though it was during the COVID Pandemic, we've seen fast-paced church growth compared to other church plants in Japan as we see constant salvations every month as well as people's lives being transformed by the gospel. We firmly believe that God is shaking not only the low 1% Christian population, but he's also raising up fully surrendered believers in Japan to pioneer and reap the great harvest in Asia and beyond.

(See more what God is doing on our Instagram page @awakeningasia)

Our church gathering began in a small apartment room, and from there God has been provided us with place after place to gather. Most recently we've been renting a 150 square meter room in the third floor of a restaurant as our first official church venue, and we've been gathering here in this place for more than a year. As we were planning to expand our church into more locations as well as start a ministry school next year using our venue, we received the news that the landlord is selling the building, which means we will no longer be able to gather in this place unless if we purchase this building from her. It was a very short notice and we'll have to pay the full amount by the end of January 2023, so we need God's great miracle today.

We believe that this is a great opportunity to expand our tent in Tokyo, and this is just the beginning as we believe he'll lead us to establish the Kingdom  in more cities of Japan and Asia to glorify his name in these lands. W want to encourage you to partner with us as the body of Christ in our journey as we run on the frontlines of the mission field in Asia.

Modern Architecture


The building we're planning to buy is a 3-story building with a large rooftop. It is only a 5 minute walk from the train station and is located in an area that is surrounded by busier districts including some famous sightseeing spots. 

With our current church venue being only the third floor, we can only host 50 people at most. And recently the number of visitors on Sunday has been growing, and we are nearly reaching that limit.

But by combining the third floor with the first floor restaurant space, we can host double the number of people in our Sunday services. There are also renovated hotel rooms on the second floor where we could host our guests from different cities and nations.

Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 23.36.47.png
White Structure



We are excited to announce that we're preparing to launch our ministry school in Tokyo. Discipleship is one of the main emphases in our ministry, and it is not something that can be done once a week on Sundays. Our heart is to raise up pioneering Christian leaders who will carry the heart of the Father and go into the unreached regions and impact society with the gospel. It is time for the Christians to shine their lights. It is time for Asia. We believe this building will become the equipping center for the revivalists of Japan and of Asia.

White Structure
Image by daan evers


Besides our church and school, we are also have a vision to start local businesses such as a cafe to reach out to our community with the love of God. We have experienced several times that people's hearts open up when we evangelize through business settings in Japan.

This building is located in a popular arcade street called Joyful Market, and the current existing restaurant is also very well known because of media influences. So we believe that as we take this building God will expand our influence over the community in Tokyo as well.

Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 23.37.05.png

We can't do this pioneering work without your help, and in order to purchase this building we need to raise ¥200,000,000 (roughly around 2million USD) by the end of January 2023.

Most of the amount will be for the purchase of the building itself which will be approximately ¥190,000,000 (roughly around 1.9million USD) and the rest of the funds for the repairing, renovating, furnishing the building and also purchasing some equipment.

Although this is short notice, we believe in miracles. You can sow from the link below,

and please also share with people around you who might have an interest in partnering with us!

​Remaining: ¥197,127,718 (98.6%)

​Current: ¥2,872,282 (1.4%)

アンカー 1



If you want to partner with what God is doing through us in Asia,
the simplest way you could do that is by giving. We've provided several ways
of giving, and if you need to talk with our team, please feel free to contact us.


Another way you could partner with us is by sharing on your social media,
or with whoever around you who might be interested in sowing into us. Please feel free to copy this page link (written below) and share it with the people around you.


If you belong to a church or a community and are interested to hear our heart, vision, and the work that God is doing in Japan and Asia through us, another way you could partner with us is by inviting Pastor Masa & Esther Morishita to speak to your congregation and cast the vision either in person or online.
If you are interested, please send an email from here.


One last but also important way is to stand in prayer with us during this season.
It sounds impossible for man but with God all things are possible, so we want you to be not only supporting us financially but also in prayer. 


Wise Transfer

Credit Card


Bank Transfer

Both one time & recurring giving

available through Credit Card!


We can currently receive 10currencies through bank transferring.



Other Ways




普通口座 1956105

シヤ) アウエイクニングアジア

If you want to give in another way or have any trouble in giving procedure,

Please contact us from here

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Monthly Partnership

Other than the funds for purchasing the building, we're also looking for monthly partners who want to run alongside us in this pioneering work in Asia. With a small population of Christians in Japan and a young age demographic in our church congregation, we are still facing challenges to raise sufficient monthly funds and because of that we have not been able to pay our full-time staff's salaries nor even purchase needed equipment for the church.

So we want to invite you to become our monthly partners if you have desire to run alongside us and be a part of what God has called us to do in Asia. There are souls that can be saved through your monthly giving, and even if that looks like a small amount, we believe God will use it mightily as you give out of faith and obedience to him.

¥900,000/mo. in need

-¥600,000 for full-time staffs’ salary (for 4 people)

-¥200,000 for sustaining the venue

-¥100,000 for other expenses such as equipments etc.

​Remaining: ¥830,074/mo. (92%)

​Current: ¥69,926/mo. (8%)


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