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The harvest is ripe in Japan and in Asia! The wait is over!

“The harvest is ripe in Japan and Asia! The wait is over!” In this conference we’re inviting different speakers who are on the frontlines of the mission field in the world, and we will also have times of equipping & activation through street evangelism. Japan has been only 1% Christian for over one hundred years, and today Japan is known as one of the most unreached countries in the world. We believe Japan carries the key for the next great revival in Asia, and it all starts with your determination to follow his calling for the mission. The wait is over, and it’s time for the believers in Asia to rise up in obedience, laying down their lives, traditions and the world behind to run the race set before them by God. We are the generation that will impact society with the pure gospel. If you are burning to see the great harvest in Japan and in Asia, wanting to be equipped in evangelism, or wanting to live a 100% uncompromised life for Jesus, this is the opportunity for you. Even if you are young and unequipped in faith, we highly encourage you to join now so that you can get equipped.

  • Taking part in the activations or receiving prayer or ministry will not be available for those who have joined us online.

  • To ensure that everyone will have adequate space, please sign up as soon as possible.  

  • If you are feeling unwell prior to or during the event, please be mindful of others and stay home. If you are able to join us online please do so through the link that will be emailed to everyone.

  • Please wear your masks and wash / sanitize your hands frequently.

  • We may change the venue to ensure that everyone can join us. If the venue changes, we will notify everyone through your registered email and post on our social media accounts.

  • Please do not distribute the private link for the conference to others.

※The purpose of this conference is to spiritually build up the body of Christ in Japan. Members of other churches, please respectfully consult with your own pastors and church leaders and receive their permission before registering.

※For pastors and church leaders, we would love to invite you to join us either in person or online. Please email us with your name and church name to receive your free invitation at




11/26(Sat) - 11/27(Sun)

¥4000 for Video Download



Ben Fitzgerald

Director / Awakening Europe


Brother Yun

Pastor, Author / The Chinese Underground Church, The Heavenly Man


Michael Brodeur

Director / Catch the Fire, Leaders Alliance

Herbert couple bw.jpg

Herbert Barbutti

Pastor / Iris Global


Masamitsu Morishita

Founder, Pastor / Awakening Tokyo


Esther Morishita

Founder, Pastor / Awakening Tokyo

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