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We're fundraising for purchasing the building as our church venue, and we'll need the full amount by the end of January 2023

in order to continue keeping this building as our church venue. Please click here to see more details!

Our faith is purely based on the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the word of God alone. We have nothing to do with cult religions such as the unification church or false gospel movements.





God has been speaking for years about his plans

for the great harvest that'll happen in Asia. 

The founders of Awakening Asia, Masa and Esther, are

two of the people God called to be part of the movement.

And we responded to God's calling in the summer of 2019

to move back to Tokyo, to start our own ministry. 

We believe that Tokyo is the one of the great break points

for the harvest in Asia. 

God wants to re-establish the Asian churches

on the right foundation of the simple gospel,

and also unite them in Christ,

and in the one purpose of advancing God's kingdom on the earth.




Equip Christian
to be grounded
in the foundation
of the simple gospel, and grow them
to become
Christ's likeness 
in all the ways.
Unite communities
and churches
through the gospel,
grow to cultivate healthy perspective and healthy relationship skills.


Seek to reach out
to the lost souls, sowing seeds and reaping the harvest through our daily lives, and strategic
outreach ideas.


Bringing the kingdom of God on the earth by pursuing excellence and creativities,
and influence the society by that.   


By grace, Jesus made us into his likeness in holiness, righteousness, character and authority.

God’s Nature

God is love and he is good, nothing in the heaven or on the earth can change this fact.

Word of God

The Truth is the higher reality than the circumstances, feelings, the reality on earth. 

Christlike Living

We’re sufficient in Christ and we're living for bringing down the heaven on the earth.


As we're the manifestation of the love of God, we assume the best of everyone's heart along with wisdom and sacrifice, bearing with the weak in understanding.

Gifts from God are for us to give, share, bless others, and to use for all the good works.


We pay sacrifice to belong to family and take ownership. We put relationship above works and performances.

Honor and Prophetic Culture

People are defined by Jesus, and therefore we respect, honor, believe, encourage and call out their real image in him.


Facing unrighteousness in us lead us to grow in his likeness.

Blessings and Provisions

Aligning with Christlikeness align us into the promised blessings and provisions given by his grace.

Fear of God

We seek to do his will and simply obey his voice, resisting the ungodly feelings or lies from the devil.

Preach the Gospel

Salvation of the souls is the biggest mission in our life as it is to God.

We are Creative

Creativity is our nature as it is our Father’s nature.



Founder, Pastor

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.
After rejecting God for many years,
he had radical encounters with
Jesus in the summer of 2014,
then received his calling for the great harvest of the souls in the world including Asia. He also has a passion to equip Christians with the truth, and train them to live and think like Christ. 

BSSM 2016-2018
Awakening Europe Intern 2019
Awakening Tokyo Pastor 2019-


Founder, Pastor

Grew up in China, had a radical face to face encounter with Jesus when she was 6years old. After she spent 5years in London to study fashion and to work for Burberry, she received God's calling to lead a harvest movement in Asia, Europe and other nations. She also has a big passion in creative ministries to transform the culture of society.
BSSM 2015-2018
Awakening Europe Intern 2019
Awakening Tokyo Pastor 2019-


Outreach Leader

Born in Tokyo, and raised in an atheist family. He met Jesus first time in Franklin Graham Crusade held in Tokyo in 2015, and dedicated his life to Christ. He is called to go out to the nations to proclaim the gospel, and joined our leadership team in the summer of 2019.

He has a passion to build up and encourage the body of Christ with his passion for the lost souls and with the truth.

AwakeningTokyo Outreach Leader 2019-


Discipleship Leader

Born in Aichi, and raised in Chiba. He was raised in a buddhist family, and though he had never heard anything about Christianity, he came to know the gospel through internet and accepted Jesus when he was 13years old.
He's passionate to see churches today to live in the love and the power like the first churches in Bible, and transform the culture in Japan into kingdom culture.

Awakening Tokyo Administration 2020-
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Awakening Europe

(Godfest Ministries)


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